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Hi, I’m Courtney and I’ve been helping health-conscious people like you achieve amazing fitness results in my pilates studios since 2009! I’m qualified to help you achieve your pilates, exercise and nutrition goals, and look forward to working with you on your journey to optimal health

Stott Pilates Classes

I am a fully qualified Stott Pilates teacher and can offer you a personal, customised exercise routine suited to help you improve your strength, fitness and posture.

Pilates is a form of mind and body exercise that focuses on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the body. Joseph Pilates referred to the core stabilizing muscles as the “Powerhouse”, these muscle groups provide structural support and help to give correct body posture.

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A fitness plan just for you!

Whatever your goals are, my customised plans are designed to suit your individual needs no matter your sport or fitness level.

Pilates for Strength & Balance

Often neglected, balance in core strength and stability are your powerhouse for ultimate performance.

Endurance Training

Aerobic and cardio workouts are important in helping you build endurance and proper muscle function.

Gym & Power Training

Weight training is an effective way to build strength and power while boosting your brain activity and confidence.

Eating for Performance

Eating balanced meals is the key foundation of your body’s engine and the primary basis for great fitness.

My Online Training & Fitness Plans

My online fitness plans below also include guidance on items such as pilates strength and balance techniques, correcting postural problems, and strengthening weaknesses, as well as tailored methods on working out correctly in the gym to boost muscular power, increase brain activity and upscale your confidence. My nutrition programs offer easy-to-implement guidelines on how to keep your engine running properly using foods and supplements best suited to your individual energy requirements.

I’m happy to answer any of your questions. All you need to do is send me an email and I’ll personally get back to you within 24 hours.

Skype/Zoom Plan

1 Hour Skype/Zoom Group or Private Training

A personal one-on-one 60 minute training session covering either pilates or gym. Home visits have been temporarily suspended during lockdown.


Online Training Plan

The ideal fitness package to kick-start your journey with me and to help you decide if my training methods will be a good fit for you. Monthly packages are available.


Monthly Online Training Plan

This is my basic starter package. It includes additional monitoring of your workout and eating plan. Upgrade to one of my monthly packages if you need more help.


Monthly Online Training Plan

Welcome to my intermediate package where you can expect more intense monitoring of your workout and eating plan. Also included is a 45-minute monthly Skype session.


Monthly Online Training Plan

This advanced package includes extensive and detailed monitoring of your workout and eating plan, as well as a 60-minute (or 2 × 30 minutes) monthly Skype session. You will also receive delicious bonus recipes tailored specially for you with new ones added every month.


Monthly Online Training Plan

Working out and eating the right foods with your partner makes sticking to a plan so much more attainable! This package includes his and hers specific workout plans and specialised, individual nutrition programs with a 60-minute duet in-person Skype training session.

What my clients are saying

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Susan Rice

"Courtney started me off on a monthly eating and workout plan and within 3 months I had almost reached my goal. After 12 months I'm feeling great, maintaining my weight and my general health has greatly improved - Courtney is amazing !"

Susan Rice - Director of Rice Industries

Jeff Watson

"Courtney keeps me on my toes with my fitness program and eating plan changes every 4 weeks or so. The change in my physique and my health has been stunning. I sleep much better now than I ever have!"

Jeff Watson - CEO, Watson Manufacturing

Jade Mosleigh

"I have always struggled to “get to the gym”, always battled to get motivated, until I started taking Courtney’s Fitness Course. Just having the Skype chats with her has helped me stay on track and the WhatsApp group has been amazingly supportive."

Jade Mosleigh - Super Mom

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About Me

I believe that nutrition and supplementation is just as important as a focused exercise program and after assessing my client’s goals and fitness levels, I advise them on the best methods for them to achieve their goals and how to maintain them. Whether it be weight-loss, overall body toning, muscle building, enhanced sports performance or rehab specific exercises for problems like osteoporosis, arthritis etc.I started practicing Pilates in 2009 and teaching the STOTT Pilates method from January 2010. Over the years I’ve personally had back, knee and neck problems and was amazed how I had fully recovered after just one year of Pilates. I am very interested in the human body and how it functions and find no matter how experienced someone is, there is always something new to learn. I realised STOTT Pilates was the best choice for me as this method is a medically based Pilates discipline.We study the body in detail from the bones and joints to the muscles and learn how to adapt exercises for injuries and specific posture types.I am internationally qualified in Essential, Intermediate and Advanced Matwork as well as Essential and Intermediate Reformer. In 2012 I completed the Advanced Reformer Course and in 2014 completed the Injuries and Special Populations Course as well as various workshops and recently in 2016 I completed the Basi Standing Pilates workshop. In 2019 I completed the Cadillac intensive course essential-advanced level in Cape Town, South Africa with Lisa Palmer at the movement lab.
In 2019 I sold Powerpilates Durban North branch and in June 2020 sold Powerpilates Westville and recently relocated to Bowral, New South Wales in Australia.

My mission is to create and maintain the highest standards of Pilates teaching and health coaching for each individual by creating specific programmes to help correct posture and improve health for each and every individual’s needs.