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BSC Booty Band

Play time: 18 minutes

A great 18 minute glute and leg workout video with some feel good stretches using the Bodyscience band. Workout along with the video!

Dynamic Stretching

Play time: 15 minutes

A 15 minute dynamic stretch is perfect for pre or post workout but if you’re short on time it is all you need to keep your body active.

Sculpt the perfect peaches

Play time: 22 minutes

No this is not one of my nutritional cooking videos!
This video focuses on a leg based workout using ankle weights or just your own body weight. It is a great way to get your peaches perfectly shaped.

Booty Band

Play time: 19 minutes

Taking the Booty band to the next level. Great leg workout. Focusing mainly on legs and glutes.

Back & Shoulder Mobility

Play time: 15 minutes

This sequence will help any tight back and shoulder muscles release and lengthen.

Rolling Out the Toxins

Play time: 16 minutes

Using the foam roller to help release muscle tension, create better circulation and detox the body.

About Me

I believe that nutrition and supplementation is just as important as a focused exercise program and after assessing my client’s goals and fitness levels, I advise them on the best methods for them to achieve their goals and how to maintain them. Whether it be weight-loss, overall body toning, muscle building, enhanced sports performance or rehab specific exercises for problems like osteoporosis, arthritis etc.I started practicing Pilates in 2009 and teaching the STOTT Pilates method from January 2010. Over the years I’ve personally had back, knee and neck problems and was amazed how I had fully recovered after just one year of Pilates. I am very interested in the human body and how it functions and find no matter how experienced someone is, there is always something new to learn. I realised STOTT Pilates was the best choice for me as this method is a medically based Pilates discipline.We study the body in detail from the bones and joints to the muscles and learn how to adapt exercises for injuries and specific posture types.I am internationally qualified in Essential, Intermediate and Advanced Matwork as well as Essential and Intermediate Reformer. In 2012 I completed the Advanced Reformer Course and in 2014 completed the Injuries and Special Populations Course as well as various workshops and recently in 2016 I completed the Basi Standing Pilates workshop. In 2019 I completed the Cadillac intensive course essential-advanced level in Cape Town, South Africa with Lisa Palmer at the movement lab.
In 2019 I sold Powerpilates Durban North branch and in June 2020 sold Powerpilates Westville and recently relocated to Bowral, New South Wales in Australia.

My mission is to create and maintain the highest standards of Pilates teaching and health coaching for each individual by creating specific programmes to help correct posture and improve health for each and every individual’s needs.

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